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Where is home for expats The feeling of being in between

Where is home for expats The feeling of being in between


Where is home when you are an serial expat or a digital nomad? Is home still a physical place or a state of mind? #expatlife #expats #digitalnomad

Welcome sign in different languages Where ...

Though this message was a bit overdramatic, and my friend did not end up flying back home at the end of the week, I have certainly come across many expats ...

Nearly two-thirds of expats in Denmark consider it to be perfect for their kids

In March Claudiaexpat and Cristinaexpat presented What Expats Can Do at the FIGT 2017 conference. Claudia shares her feelings about the experience.

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Close to Home but Not Likely to Return

The Expat Dilemma Part 2

Feeling (un)welcome abroad — infographic

One of the things that we all have to deal with as expats in the first few months of relocating to a new place is that "fish out of water" feeling, ...

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After living in China for years, some expats feel they do not fit in at home or abroad

Undoubtedly, expat life can be very exciting. The experiences and challenges of life abroad develop one as a person, teach new skills and enhance ...

Bahrain: A Big Jump to the Top

Conflicting Interests

The Expats' Guide to Singapore

Don't let expat challenges derail your international assignment

To achieve our goals we carry on activities like the Dutch Language Café, First Friday Night Drinks, quiz nights and other events like Xmas for kids and ...

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Expat Shannon O'Donnell takes a boat ride near Can Tho, one of the largest cities in Vietnam. Shannon O'Donnell/A Little Adrift

Restless Expat Syndrome and Place Attachment.

'Coming home can be as hard as moving overseas, you feel like an outsider' - Irish ex-pats on the reality of moving back to Ireland

Expats feel split between their friends and family back home and their own desires, which leaves them feeling guilty. Photo: IC

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'Being honest helps': how expats have overcome loneliness in Germany

An open letter from a Qatari to expats who stood with Qatar during the blockade | Qatar Living

Returning Home After Living Abroad


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Expats in Switzerland like the safety but not the locals - SWI swissinfo.ch

... with 25% of expats in Bahrain feeling at home almost right away? http://bahrainedb.com/bahrain-pulse/bahrain-best-expat-destination-internations/ ...

25 Things Expats Can Expect Before They Move

Upon re-entry back home after expat life, brace yourself for turbulence | The Japan Times

These Are the Friendliest Countries for Expats

With the privilege of easy travel, international agreements to facilitate work overseas (ahem - Brexit aside, let's leave that for another day!), ...

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Why expats shouldn't be bothered by “Hello Misterrr!” – Cultural knowledge

Becoming an expat shapes your personality as it takes you through a journey of life struggles and challenges. Every expat goes through very particular ...

Of the French expats who return home after living abroad, most (58%) cite “professional reasons” for the change of heart, 21% cite family reasons, ...

State of the art: expatriates and work-life balance (WLB).

How to make your expat employees feel at home? – By Preeti Roongta (Founder)

... 40.

Many expatriate Americans here say they relish the feeling of safety in public places.

Russian society is open and welcoming.

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The 10 Best Countries to Live in for Expats

Expat Friendship Fatigue: When Saying 'Yes' Creates Stress

Granted, being a mom is a tough (yet unpaid) job. Becoming a mother will turn into one of those events that divide your life into “before” and “after”.

Expat statistics for South Africa — infographic

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Two veiled Emirati women stare at a foreigner wearing a revealing dress at the Dubai World Cup horse races. Friendships between foreigners and locals can be ...

Dear returning expatriate, you are not alone. Repatriation is difficult, discombobulating, isolating, and confounding. Be patient with yourself as you move ...

James Parnell writes about his experience of moving back to Ireland with his family last year

“Our homes are not defined by geography or one particular location, but by memories, events, people, and places that span the globe.” ~Marilyn Gardner

A picture of a house drawn in sand, symbolising the fragility of expat dreams

How to feel at home in the Netherlands as an expat

Portugal ranked fifth in a recent survey on the best countries to live ...

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Turkish village women

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Expat Depression

“The loneliness of the expatriate is of an odd and complicated kind, for it is inseparable from the feeling of being free, of having escaped.” — Adam Gopnik

Newly arrived expats are often on a high – buoyed up by the excitement and euphoria they feel having successfully fulfilled their dreams of starting a new ...

A perception of inequality between local and expat workers causes resentment and disillusionment.

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This is the view from my hotel in Luanda. See the little strip of land

China Expat Challenges

'I still feel compelled to offer to buy a round of drinks if out with. '


Can an expat ever truly be 'home'?

Kenya is pressuring thousands of expat NGO workers and volunteers to go home — Quartz Africa

'Unfriendly' Swedes give expats the cold shoulder

8 expat tips to know before you go

The Expat Blues – Coping with the Loneliness of an Overseas Move

Think expats and you probably think of the Costa del Sol, but a surprising city

Expat in Florence? Tips and tricks for those who want to relocate in Florence and live happy. Lesson 1: finding an apartment and learning italian.

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Defining the Expat Blues

For the majority of us living in the UAE, this is not our home country. We're expats, enjoying the lifestyle here, having moved from countries near and far ...

What is a culture shock?

Parents and child

Bushwalk in Port Moresby Hills (2)

Snow blankets a statue at Trocadero near the Eiffel Tower in Paris on March 12.

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Three Ways to Handle Expat Loneliness