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Why Americas Largest Agricultural State Is Also Its Hungriest

Why Americas Largest Agricultural State Is Also Its Hungriest


Why America's Largest Agricultural State is Also its Hungriest



California is USA's Largest Agricultural State — And Its Hungriest



Volunteers glean potatoes recovered before they became food waste at a community event run by nonprofits SJLI and Food Forward, which invites members of the ...

New Analysis Reveals 10 Hungriest States in the U.S | Bread for the World

Social Justice Learning Institute

Says the first study on how the state's farms are coping.

Pulp Pantry on Twitter: "Why America's Largest Agricultural State Is Also Its Hungriest https://t.co/07RFEjhyEX"

Why is Mississippi the Hungriest State in the Nation?

A farmer works his field in Albanilla, Spain.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 11.8 percent of American households or 40 million


Picture of a former rubber plantation in Liberia

Picture of a woman winnowing soybeans in Rwanda

New Analysis Reveals 10 Hungriest States in the U.S. | Bread for the World

Minimum tillage (ripping) in Kasiya Camp, Zambia. Credit: Crissy Mupuchi/

(L) Lynetta buying onions through the Market Match Program. (R) Fresh. Read it


Those who produce food are among world's hungriest – UN rights expert

(Photo by Leah Todd, Solutions Journalism Network)

Picture of Ajiem Ogalla scavenging in Ethiopia

General manager of McGrath Family Farm. Kayla Reefer for Global Citizen

Picture of plantations and small farms outside Maputo

3. Alabama

Farmers receiving agricultural training in Haiti Copyright: public-domain-image.com

Animal agriculture is being left out of climate talks, and the world's hungriest people will suffer more as a result.


Does American ag feed the world? Not if you focus on the hungry countries

There are over 870 million people in the world who are hungry right now.

6. Texas

Crop damage by insects could rise by as much as 75 per cent in the UK

Farmers working their land ©Iwacu

This undated image made available by Frank Peairs in 2007 shows a European corn borer. A warmer world likely means more and hungrier insects chomping on ...

A new study suggests that U.S. agribusiness is mainly providing processed food and animal feed to the wealthiest nations.

Andrew Liberman.

This almond orchard is being grown in a desert.

Global warming will make insects hungrier, eating up key crops: study | The Daily Star

2015: The world's 10 hungriest countries

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One of the few businesses in Midnight, Mississippi, located in Humphreys County, is

For every one degree Celsius rise in average temperatures, insects will consume an extra 2.5 per cent of the world's crops

To compile our ranking, we assigned points for each state, plus the District of Columbia, based on how it performed on the U.S. Department of Agriculture ...

Global Hunger Index

Food insecurity.

A man screams in the street as an Burundi police officer attempts to detain him

Picture of a wheat harvest in Ethiopia

At the county level, Mississippi also has the highest rates of food insecurity in the nation. Issaquena County has a food insecurity rate of 40%, ...

The world will face major environmental problems unless agricultural ...

Picture of a girl tending goats in Somaliland

This undated image made available by Frank Peairs in 2008 shows a colony of Russian wheat aphids in a wheat leaf. A warmer world likely means more and ...

Why America's Largest Agricultural State Is Also Its Hungriest

4 Things to Know About Why Summer is the Hungriest Time for Kids in America

Abdourahimoune Adamou and his teenage sons Zaidou and Siraji at work on the land they farm

Land grabbing in Ethiopia : an employee at Saudi Star rice farm, Gambella

Picture of a tractor in a field in Kansas

New Mexico has the hungriest kids in the country, with 30.6 percent having “uncertain access to adequate food,” according to Feeding America's rankings by ...

Wireworms have been infiltrating fields for decades, causing unwanted damage in growers' crops. It's a tough pest to manage, as they eat almost ...

A farmer walks her cow through paddies in Bangladesh. Photo credit: jankie, Flickr

... that we all as human race really need to become more efficient and prosperous using all the possible technologies such as IoT, it's the Agriculture ...

Sierra Leone

More efficient agriculture could help us feed a booming human population. Eric B. Walker

... seen here in its larval stage, could become more numerous and even hungrier as the globe continues to warm, leading to a 40 percent increase ...

A woman and man examining a corn field.


Climate change is expected to negatively impact crop yields, particularly in the hungriest parts of the world, such as sub-Saharan Africa.

Quick facts: How climate change affects people living in poverty | Mercy Corps

Areas of work | Climate Change | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

A map, based on USDA data, shows census tracts in Mississippi that are considered

GROW blog channel

Agriculture in AfricaWake up and sell more coffee

Photo of neighbors sharing a meal in the Bronx

pan and zoom on maps

By Bob Berwyn, InsideClimate News

Locations of a South Philadelphia Community Garden and its Members

'The hungriest state in the nation'

A hotter world is a hungrier world via @Oxfam Australia Severe Weather, Extreme Weather

SNAP is able to provide some help to individuals experiencing food insecurity but provides minimal financial assistance. However, it is often quite ...

Due primarily to its larger population size, Asia has the highest total number of undernourished individuals—520 million, versus Africa's 243 million (FAO, ...

Boost Crop Yields

5G and Smart Farming IoT - Promise of Making the World Green Again | Lanner

The Rice Crisis of 2008: A Lesson in Mismanagement | Harvard International Review

We can be more efficient about where we grow, what we grow, and how we grow.

Climate Change and Water Stress Exacerbate the Challenge