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Yvette Beneker SA Artists I like and their work t Artist

Yvette Beneker SA Artists I like and their work t Artist


Yvette Beneker SA

Cheret, Jules, 1891

We'll finish the job. Artist: Gerrit A. Beneker (

Brown Bird, Elisha, 1896

Cheret, Jules, 1899

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Cappiello, Leonetto, 1922

Cheret, Jules, 1896

"The Old Fisherman" by Pablo Picasso. his early work. A portrait of Manuel Salmeron Castellano, a sailor from Motril who was hired by Salvador Ruiz Blasco ...

Jules Pascin (Bulgarian-born French Expressionist painter, 1885-1930) 'Hermine Reading', 1917

Pryde & Nicholson, The Beggarstaff Brothers, 1899

Wijdeveld, Hendrikus, 1922

Depuy, Hal, 1929

Provincetown Art

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Yvette Guilbert, À menilmontant de Bruant

Buy Portrait of Union of South Africa Min. of Lands. Johannes Stijdom Member of

The powerful and individual painting of Soutine was an important influence on my own work when I was a young painter. I still love his art and always will.

Mucha, Alphonse, 1900

GERRIT BENEKER (1882-1934), Players' Number, Baseball Magazine cover study, August 1911


Artist Unknown, 1900



Elmes, Willard Frederic, 1929

Books and Art

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Schnackenberg, Walter, 1922

Tabouret, E, 1895 ca

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Saburo Murakami, Passing through, 1956. Moca, Japanese Art, Contemporary Art ,

Cheret, Jules, 1897. '

Falk, Hans, 1944

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Provincetown Art: Photo

Artist Unknown, 1894

Beatty, Frank, 1929

Provincetown Art

Moreau-Nelaton, Etienne, 1897

"Provincetown Crow Sally Brophy, white-line woodblock print, 13 x 9 private collection.

Georges Victor-Hugo: 'Dora' 1910 Rene Magritte, Figurative Art, Henri

Artist Unknown, 1913

Mucha, Alphonse, 1900

Meunier, Georges, 1895

Schnackenberg, Walter, 1922

Grun, Jules-Alexandre, 1898 ca.

Artist Unknown, 1924

Remo Farruggio painting

Faria, Candido Aragonese De, 1896

Noury, Gaston, 1896

Artist Unknown, 1897

Artist Unknown, 1934 ca

Delaunay, Sonia, 1925

When the idea of creating a traveling exhibition of Budd Hopkins' work was first proposed. His intelligence ...

Artist Unknown, 1923

Schwabe, Carlos, 1897

Seguy, Emile-Alain, 1924

Artist Unknown, 1900 ca

Artist Unknown, 1900 ca.

Artist Unknown, 1900 ca

Artist Unknown, 1920 ca.

Artist Unknown, 1920 ca.

Leupin, Herbert, 1942

Schnackenberg, Walter, 1922

Hohlwein, Ludwig, 1909

Stoecklin, Niklaus, 1926

Cardinaux, Emil, 1916

Ibels, Henri-Gabriel, 1898. '

Artist Unknown, 1929

Barbier, Georges, 1919

Jongert, Jacob (Jac.), 1920

Tabouret, E, 1898

Thomas, H., 1900

Barbier, Georges, 1924

Bieber, Armin, 1925 ca.

Cheret, Jules, 1898

Thorn Prikker, J., 1903

Barbier, Georges, 1925

Geo, 1925

Caldanzano, Luigi Emilio, 1914 ca.

Glaser, Otto, 1955 ca

Carqueville, William L., 1898

Artist Unknown, 1897

Artist Unknown, 1925 ca.

Artist Unknown, 1900 ca.

Artist Unknown, 1921

Falk, Hans, 1950 ca

Artist Unknown, 1905

Artist Unknown, 1925 ca.

Oliva, Viktor, 1897