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Politics MOOCHERS AND LOSERS FOR OBAMA Because Youre Stupid

Politics MOOCHERS AND LOSERS FOR OBAMA Because Youre Stupid


Putin Hated President Obama because he couldn't Manipulate or Intimidate Him. Putin Loves Trump because he has so much Dirt on him and he knows he can ...

The man had class and dignity. Thank you President Obama. Too bad the asshole following you has neither.~ ~ ~

Biggest Loser..You're Fired !!

Now~I don't want to be called a Racist~these are the

This man wasn't raised like anybody! Stupid Republicans, Politicians, Republican Party

Such a moronic piece of shit... along with almost ALL politicians.


UnAmerican ProRussian Republikkkan Fascist Traitors!! Narcissistic Men, Politicians, Obama, Presidents,

Idiot liberals! The absolute dumbest people on earth! Stupid fuckers..hahaha

Dotard Drumpf--and you are next Ha ha

He'd like to "take a swing" at the President of the United

Grifters. Stealing America every day and every way. Dumb And Dumber, Stupid,

Obama, closes WWII Memorial to prove Shutdown is real. Spends twice the cost of keeping the Memorial open by hiring armed goons to keep veterans out.

Trump Breaking News Network - BREAKING Obama Caught Red Handed Violating All Americans! By Stacy Law Former (thank goodness) President, Barack Hussein Obama ...

The unqualified and unfit popular vote loser is a lying crook.

Not WE, the fake president and his stupid, and I mean stupid, sheep followers.

You see how your hatred has served you, simply because you wanted to prove yourself to Obama. All your crooked stuff is hanging out to reveal the TRUE ...

Give Me Your Tired, Stupid Republicans, Truth To Power, Republican Party, We

John McCain remembered as father, friend, statesman who 'called on us to be better'

This doesn't mean I'm ok with Brian Williams embellishing stories. Fox is wrong. And if Williams embellished stories, so is he.

With all due respect, Mr. Romney, as much as a lady as your wife is, that FIRST LADY that you call maybe a woman is more lady than your wife will ever ...

Thank you President Obama. We miss you terribly!

America Hipocrite corrupts and moochers desperate for illigal votes Political Ideology, Liberal Hypocrisy, Political

Warned people BEFORE the morons was ever elected the time you were being played for a fool! Well done fools.

Funny Mitt Romney And Barack Obama Pictures – 24 Pics Political Comics, Political Memes,

Stupid Mad Man, I Suggest You Shut Your Disgusting Blow Hole. Well Maybe Not

Obama was truly one of our best Presidents next to kennedy! Both of these men truly cared for people!

Democrats are hypocrites. If Trump were lazy they'd be thrilled. As Republicans were knowing Obama couldn't screw up the country while on vacation.

And the moron in chief still blamed democrats.... even though democrats voted with the majority of republicans.... he is amazing.

wow | Pinterest | Politics, Donald trump and Stupid

Trump's childish game of revenge politics could due severe damage to the the future of this country and more importantly to the generations that will ...

traitor tRump and his SwampScum Moochers!!!


I agree with the bully bit, but isn't the rest of the sentence

The battles of my novel "Daffodil Sunrise" continue. If anything, the stakes are only higher. Those who count the votes decide everything.

They are as deranged as the original trumpflake.

Funniest Barack Obama Memes of All Time

This person, Michelle Obama, is HORRIBLE, through and through. She's ashamed of America but sure as hell doesn't mind spending American ...

Obama is a MAN of SUBSTANCE which Trump does not have a clue how to assume such character.

THE BIGGEST LIAR TO EVER SULLY, SOIL & DISGRACE THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY!! | news | Pinterest | Donald trump, Politics and Donald trump family

Good riddance to this hateful, ugly fake woman , thank goodness for President Trump and his gracious, beautiful wife! Go back to Keyna with your loser in ...

Funniest Barack Obama Memes of All Time: The Record Speaks For Itself

Obama vs Mitt the teit. Here's Another For The Haters. "WHITE SCUM" AND "A LOSER"


Let's cut to fundamentals: he's failing as a human being. American Freedom, American

Only Obama could screw up passing a budget while having control of everything! What a

That's because we all know he doesn't have any patriotism so no need to

Kerry said Military was for losers who couldn't to to college. Obama listed them as Terrorists. Trump treat s military like adults who made a noble choice.

Juice Trump

"and, uh...oh yeah, because I'm a hateful

Our President For The Despicable People Or Real Americans.. Congratulations To Donald J Trump

Brought to you by Smart-e Republican Party, Politicians, Stupid Republicans, Conservative

what a dingbat loser bitch.

This is for you Trump haters. Lol You idiots know who you are. I

Right Wing, Acceptance, Yes

The people who believe President Obama is Muslim, are the same people who actually believe donald trump is Christian

Obama Administration · Trump would make that possible if he could. Liberal Hypocrisy, Politicians, Political Quotes

Republicans consider everyone a hero if you are a millionaire or better and who's also above the law. Republicans consider a minimum wage worker a low-life ...

This one goes to Erica my gross little stalker. The one who steals Obama phones

As a lawprof, I read that to mean that he is not constrained. He's

Hurt Feelings, Facebook, Truth Hurts, Dumb And Dumber, Stupid, Political Satire

So Oprah calls all who do not approve of Obama Care a Racist, Yet Dr. Ben Carson an African American himself is who BTW is a redound neurosurgeon I would ...

Because Repubs wouldn't mix music/crappy TV celebs/ actors w/ politics, like, ever.

I cannot fathom their choice. It goes against all their stated values.but I guess those are just face values. Conservative my ass.

Now, now ladies, you're all equally evil and loathsome. Biddy Craft

***You can thank a republican for the debt our country has been in since Reagan, and the idiot racist republicans who continue to work for big business ...

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I am tired of hearing the bullshit!

hahahaha losers Liberal Logic, Liberal Democrats, Socialism, Obama Statistics, Farewell Speech,

got to agree with the kid Gun Control Humor, Funny Politics, Political Memes,

Donald trump cries over the dumbest things.

Pre Election, Our President, Presidential Candidates, Barack Obama, Jfk, Social Justice

Donald Trump

This “Thing” is the very definition of Asswipe in case you were wondering what

Same dumbass that put obama in offfice twice. Laura Haulk Benefiel · Stupid Politics

TOTAL LOSER: He wasn't even remotely trying to help the average worker?

George Takei (@GeorgeTakei)


Abrams Cant Fix Stupid, Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal Logic, Politicians, Common Sense,

Michelle 'The Moocher' Obama enjoys Presidents Day vacation

Proof the GOP Morons all suck!


Don't let him blame all the bad shit of his GOP on Obama.

They think they're losers. Only the wealthy deserve real tax breaks. Watch 'em, watch them closely because we're dealing with very greedy people.

So True!

I think I have mixed feelings about the whole Syria situation..,, but

Two very Nasty PPL, What you did to God's Nation, you will get paid. ConstitutionPolitical ...

Obama thinks we are stupid, and by contrast, Jay Carney parades his stupidity on

29 Best Obama P.O.S images | Conservative politics, Politicians, Fanny pics

Funny Images of Sore Losers | Sore Loser Teaching Your.

Now you are all in no matter how toxic our government is becoming. You are

The only known Gorgon suffering from Hoof & Mouth disease. The heartbreak & agony of knowing that after 89 yrs that you're a complete dipshit.

Hearing it from our US Military Vets. but re: DraftDodging Donnie called "Pow's losers" and the RepublikkkanFascist TRAITORS cheered!

Thank you President Obama, close to a billion dollars saved in the Medicare program costs

A true Billionaire talks.. will we listen to him?? Political Views,

Things I trust more that Obama: Mexican tap water

Funniest Barack Obama Memes of All Time. Anti Christ · Politicians · Stupid Republicans ...

Rich RepukkkeFascist Moochers Fleecing Working Taxpayers!!! Sam Elliott, Political Views, Political

Will You Republicans Please stop electing Idiots?