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Virtual reality goggles As consumers become more interested and

Virtual reality goggles As consumers become more interested and


virtual reality goggles - As consumers become more interested and attracted towards drone technology, the FLYBi Drone is here to offer an intuitive ...

People wearing Samsung Gear VR devices at Mobile World Congress 2016.

Virtual reality marketing is growing, and doing so rapidly. Below, we've gathered key stats that brands and marketers should pay attention to as they map ...


Why the Hotel Industry is Embracing Virtual Reality

A man tests the 'Zeiss VR One' virtual reality glasses during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Reuters/Albert Gea There are ...

Consumers Warm To Virtual, Augmented Reality: CES Study

Gesture interface company Leap Motion is announcing an ambitious, but still very early, plan for an augmented reality platform based on its hand tracking ...

Virtual reality gets real

Magic Leap's mixed reality headset arguably has a greater chance of becoming a mass market device

Virtual reality's moment looks to be over in gaming, at least for now

Facebook's Oculus Rift Consumer Edition launches March 24 for ...

Delegates use the Gear VR (virtual reality) headset, manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co

Image courtesy VRgineers

Samsung Gear VR on display at Oculus Connect 2 Developers Conference 2015 at Loews Hollywood Hotel

Image Credits: We Are AR (opens in a new window)

Consumer Virtual Reality -‐ State of the Market !

Teenager experiencing virtual reality

3D render of man wearing virtual reality glasses surrounded by virtual data

Photo by Road to VR

woman using virtual reality headset

Consumers are most drawn to travel and music experiences on virtual reality

VR Statistics

The Best VR Headsets

The early bulk of virtual reality has been weighted toward games, but a survey found that folks are more interested in everything else.

What is Virtual Reality? [Definition and Examples]

One of today's high-profile VR headsets, the HTC Vive allows “roomscale,” mobile VR, albeit while tethered to a PC.

Magic Leap revealed a mixed reality headset that it believes reinvents the way people will interact with computers and reality.

Consumer Education/Prevention

The virtual reality dream is dying

The company's Shawn Muir, using an Oculus Rift headset with Lockheed Martin training equipment.

Oculus Rift

Each headset brings with it a different community and pre-existing market, whether that's a gamer base like with Playstation, or a development community ...

A person using virtual reality goggles

Despite all the publicity about virtual reality, for the average consumer that wants to participate, it isn't easy to figure out how to get started — and in ...

Perceptions around price could also prove a stumbling block, as 66% of the sample agree VR devices are too expensive, which seems at odds with the market.


VR and the Future of Marketing

virtual reality

The ability to travel to different cities proves the most popular VR application at 56%, followed by being in the crowd at a concert (52%) and fantasy ...

Image courtesy DigiLens

Young woman wearing a virtual reality headset.

Facebook's Oculus Go ditches computer and phone in latest, $199 test of virtual reality

There are a growing number of virtual reality headsets and apps to explore

The Galaxy S7 and Gear VR make virtual reality incredible and affordable


Developers are working on virtual-reality systems that one day could replace videoconferencing as a

This VR cycle is dead

How ...

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset Black Lightweight Easy to Use Wide FOV

Virtual reality: All hype and no substance?

Virtual Reality has been explored through novels and pop culture since the 1950s, now we are lucky enough to be around on the dawn of it becoming a reality.

Virtual Reality Big Bet Variety

Daniel Downey for Variety. “

VR, virtual reality

apple glasses

63% Prefer VR To Visiting Physical Store: Study

Gear VR is only the beginning of Samsung's virtual reality ambitions.

VR startups bet big on location-based entertainment

A new consumer study finds that minorities are more interested in VR, and Oculus is not No.

VR catches consoles mid-cycle

Science and technology

The Quest headset may completely shift how consumers think about virtual reality

Oculus Go headset and controller.

The Google Cardboard virtual reality headset gives consumers the opportunity to experience vr without spending a

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Announcing the world's first brain-computer interface for virtual reality

Best VR Headsets For Your Money

Virtual Reality Fails Its Way to Success

Greenlight VR's new '2016 Virtual Reality Consumer Report' reveals U.S. consumers are most interested in using virtual reality for travel, entertainment, ...

... VR Headsets in Traffic, Interest. Microsoft HoloLens will launch for enterprise businesses this year, with no consumer launch in site

What are the Legal Issues That Stare at Augmented/Virtual Reality?

Oculus Rift, virtual reality headset

... MOBGEN's Sebastian Veldman participated in the safety event of one of MOBGEN's corporate clients, demonstrating the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Is Oculus Rift's $600 Price Too High For Virtual Reality To Succeed? : All Tech Considered : NPR

Merge VR Headset

In an interview with New York Times, Andrew House, global chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed PlayStation VR's sales for the first ...

While virtual reality may still be in its infancy, the technology is quickly maturing and has the potential to shake up the way consumers shop and pay.

Virtual world may be reality by 2020 | Bloomberg Professional Services

Brendan Iribe's departure from Oculus means both founders are now gone, which has raised questions

Virtual reality pioneer Stefan Pernar